"If you want to change the system, build a new system which makes the old one obsolete" (Buckminster Fuller 1939)

Co-evolutionary is an adhoc platform for new projects, current proposals, live discussions.  

Each of these is a work in progress, a work in ‘co-evolution’, where something can transform and emerge as different to what came before. 

‘Evolution’ in the biological sense brought us to here – the heights of civilization and the depths of self-destruction.  Now is the time for co-evolution, where 8-10 billion humans might finally learn to live together.

Co-evolutionary thinking, and its implications for collective intelligence, is explored in detail on – Synergistics  – and  –  Urban 3.0

Current initiatives:

PERI-CENE  – (Peri-urbanization & climate-environment change)

(this is a temporary site for the new project starting June 2019,  )  


Thinking the unthinkable and governing the ungovernable, this is the emerging new normal in the world we see ahead….

crisis what crisis