“To change the system, build a new system which makes the old one obsolete”

In turbulent times, on a small planet, we need new ways of organizing cities and societies – a new kind of operating system.

Synergistics is about this new system – ‘Mode-III’ – a system based on ‘thinkable’ collective intelligence.

In cities, economies, technologies, ecologies and politics, there are features of collective intelligence. In each there are thinkable systems emerging, large or small, which are not only mechanically ‘clever’ machines, or ‘smart’ innovations, but ‘wise’ in all human ways. For this we use ‘Synergistic’ mapping and design, to explore the opportunities, and build synergies between people and organizations, networks and communities.

This site is for work in progress on two main tracks-

Projects based on synergistics: at present including Australia, Finland, UK.

Publications based on synergistics: the forthcoming book City-III, and related papers.

Also see the background to the Synergistic Toolkit with its Practical Guides