Dale’s library


Contrapreneur in chief” Dale Lately wrote for The Guardian, VICE, Huffington Post, Slate, Baffler, Big Issue, Litro, Pop Matters, Quietus, Huffington Post and 3:AM Magazine….. On arrival in Manchester he set up the Antisocial Networking Club and started the Dale Lately blog pages

He leaves behind  several million words, with many more on his blog site – a vast inter-connected web of online & part-published drafts – tomes, novels, docu-fiction and general contrapreneurial diatribes and discourses… (along with countless provocations and contrarian windups on social media)

This site will grow over time as a living archive, as his literary community gets to grips with dusty files and manuscripts, as they emerge from the digital underworlds all around us… (any material, send to joe.ravetz@gmail.com ….)

At this moment we are seeking the “The 12 tribes of Manchester – from Laptopia to the Frack-donalds pickup zone” – if anyone knows the whereabouts….

Borges’ library – Dale Lately – Nov 2012
The Echo Chamber – unpublished – Dale Lately – Jan 2016
Pawn shop bars and poverty chic – Dale Lately – Guardian – May 2017
Dale’s dirty old new towngraphic diatribe – Sept 2018



Dale Lately – 1 year on…

Thursday 8th December, from 6pm

The Talleyrand, 1030 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WX

 You are invited to celebrate Dale’s life and work and times, at his favourite watering hole… totally informal, self-organized…. arrive on a one wheel bike or slackline between rooftops…. stories, poems, pictures, games, songs, rhythms, performance …. with a selection of pasties & pies from https://hmpasties.com  

RSVP & let us know if you would like to eat something… joe.ravetz@gmail.com


Meanwhile some links –

Dale’s Lately Mural – pics, videos, poems & stories – https://tinyurl.com/5xhsxrtf

Dale’s public writings – http://dalelately.blogspot.com/

Dales’ unpublished writings – an emerging library in progress – https://co-evolutionary.com/

Friends of Dale Lately community – https://www.facebook.com/groups/6478079928988113622_538119526231642_59227546_n

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