About Us

UK2040 is thrown together rapidly, at a moment of crisis, following the  UK Referendum on membership of the EU, 23-06-16.

UK2040 is all about the next generation – children today who will be young adults in 2040, and those today who will be mature in 2040, somehow dealing with the legacy of the previous generation…

We have at this moment in the UK an extraordinary political crisis, economic crisis, constitutional crisis, and underlying all that, a massive socio-cultural-political fracture zone, which is now open and raw. This has already produced a global level earthquake, and it seems it could escalate further in many directions.

As any ‘crisis’ can be (a) part of a longer cycle, and (b) a moment for opportunity, this site aims to explore the meaning and implications of this crisis.  We look at ways of navigating immediate storms while keeping sight of further horizons. We look for ideas and opportunities for the principles of equality, prosperity, sustainability and social justice, even in the darkest hours.  These founding principles for the European project, and indeed the essence of Britain, we believe can apply in almost any configuration of nation states, cities and regions, markets, networks, partnerships and communities.

We use insights and methods from many sources, including foresight and futures, systems thinking, creative and visual thinking.

The background is the work in progress on ‘3.0’ shared-mind systems – economies, politics, technologies, ecologies and cities – with the ‘synergistic toolkit’ for navigating complex inter-connected problems.  The toolkit includes visual thinking and cartooning – the greater the challenges, the more need to look sidewise and smile… all on http://www.urban3.net

Debate, contributions and feedback all very welcome.



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